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Comeback, Yes. Turnaround? We'll See.

By Jennifer Pignolet

It’s the word heard most frequently after an improbable win during a struggling season: turnaround. A team loses ten games, wins one, and suddenly it’s the turning point in a dismal season. We hear it all the time, and so rarely does it ever play out to be true.

As Mater, the old pickup truck from Disney Pixar’s animated movie Cars, would say, I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park after last night’s comeback. And this time, it just might be the spark the Indians needed. Here’s why.

The Indians went from being as bad as they ever have been to as good as they ever have been in a span of about four hours. Lousy starting pitching. Lousy bullpen relief. More players on the DL. Ryan Garko said it himself after the game: “We were as low as you can get.”

As it turns out, the players are just as fed up with the Indians’ woes as the fans are. Suddenly, the players had the will to fight. Who knew it would come after being down 10-0 after four innings?

Most sparks come from a shakeup in the lineup, a manager getting ejected or another special circumstance. This spark, however, was entirely frustration-generated. The players didn’t care that the game seemed hopeless; it didn’t change how they approached each at bat. Every time, the goal was the same. Production. Did any of them think they would actually come back last night? Probably not. Did Jeremy Sowers enter the game thinking about pitching for a win? Probably not.

But finally, they were tired of rolling over. Momentum like that has the ability to carry over to many games after the ecstasy wears off. And in four months, when we’ve won the AL Central, we can look back on this moment and call it a turnaround.